Sexually Frustrated Female Cannabis Plants and High-THC Production

Sexually Frustrated Female Cannabis Plants and High-THC Production

Cannabis has been a preferred leisure substance for a very long time, however the kind of weed we eat right now has modified dramatically from what our dad and mom and grandparents have been smoking many years in the past. On common, cannabis accessible right now is about 67% stronger than within the Seventies, and it grows quicker and stays smaller in dimension. Cultivators not want 9 full months and house giant sufficient to develop 12-foot-tall crops with buds that solely had about 3% THC, in the event that they have been fortunate. But what components led to those speedy adjustments in progress and efficiency? As it seems, the key to getting stronger weed is sexually pissed off feminine cannabis crops.  

As a dioecious plant, sure, cannabis be both male or feminine, and sure, it may be sexually pissed off. What you’re smoking on proper now are flowers from a feminine plant; and in case your present stash is admittedly dank and coated in sticky THC trichomes, then these buds got here from a sexually disadvantaged feminine.

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Male vs Female Cannabis Plants

Female cannabis crops produce these giant, resin-secreting, psychoactive buds. Females are the business’s celebrity as a result of they’re those that produce essentially the most cannabinoids. Anytime you purchase weed or take a look at footage of marijuana with flowers, you’re taking a look at feminine crops.

Male cannabis crops don’t develop flowers. Instead, they develop pollen sacs across the nodes and suggestions of the branches, with which they’ll pollenate any close by feminine crops. When feminine crops are pollinated, they start to supply seeds, however since nobody desires to smoke low-THC schwag with seeds in it, the males are often thrown out fairly early.

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On the general public aspect of the cannabis market, females get all of the glory. However, once we look extra on the botany behind the bud, male crops have some essential features as nicely. Like people, when a feminine plant is pollinated, half of the genetic make-up of the seeds produced will come from the male plant. Aside from efficiency and taste, many different essential traits could be handed on from male crops together with progress fee, bud dimension and form, resistance to mildew and pests, and basic resilience.

The buds we favor to eat are seedless feminine crops with good genetics, known as “sinsemilla”, which suggests “with out seeds” in Spanish. To be sure that crops shall be sinsemilla females, growers can used feminized seeds or develop clones by replanting small clippings from their current crops.

How To Tell The Difference

At first, you received’t be capable of. Once your crops are roughly 4-6 weeks previous and getting into the flowering stage, you can begin in search of “pre-flowers”. Cannabis pre-flowers are corresponding to intercourse organs, and the females’ look fairly completely different from the males’.

To decide their intercourse, you’ll have to look between the plant’s nodes (the place the leaves and branches prolong out from the stalk). Males could have pollen sacs to assist unfold pollen to the feminine crops, and females develop two bracts and hair-like stigmas to catch the pollen. Click right here for a fantastic information with images that can assist you extra simply decide intercourse.

Female Preflowers
Male pollen sacs

Sexually Frustrated Females

Back within the Seventies, cannabis growers made a game-changing cultivation discovery: isolating feminine crops produced additional potent flowers. When females are pollinated, they halt resin/THC manufacturing and start producing seeds. However, when the sexes are separated, females don’t get pollinated and thus, they don’t produce seeds and ramp up the resin manufacturing. Sinsemilla weed, on common, has a THC content material round 6-10% increased than seeded strains.

Simply put, this cultivation methodology leads to ‘sexually pissed off’ feminine crops. It’s unusual, nevertheless it works, and the rationale for it’s because cannabis is likely one of the few plant species that elicits a bodily response to extended virginity. Meaning, the longer she feels ‘sexually disadvantaged’, or the longer pollination is postpone, the bigger and extra resinous her intercourse organs (flowers) turn out to be.

Some growers would go as far as to say their crops are considerably ‘masochistic’, along with being attractive. Apparently, when the flowers start to kind, some crops will repeatedly bend their branches to the purpose of just about breaking, a course of that helps facilitate resin manufacturing within the buds. As one well-liked Redditor so eloquently put it, “you’re all excessive on attractive plant vaginas.” It’s surprisingly correct.

Cannabis Resin, Pollination, and THC Production

Cannabis resin is a wealthy brown, sticky, gooey substance discovered on the flowers and leaves of the plant. It’s just like tree sap, however the principle distinction between the 2 is that cannabis resin is held collectively by fatty constructions known as trichomes. These are the plant’s resin glands that comprise THC, CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and different therapeutic cannabinoids and compounds.

To us, trichomes are a tremendous and scrumptious plant byproduct that gives limitless medicinal and leisure advantages; however to the cannabis plant, trichomes are one in every of its most essential protection mechanisms. As cannabis flowers develop, they’re susceptible to a lot dangerous exterior stimuli equivalent to pests, infections, herbivores, damaging UV rays, and air pollution. In the wild, trichomes provide a sure stage of safety from all of this stuff.

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Additionally, cannabis resin aids in seed manufacturing by catching pollen from the male crops. One male plant can produce an estimated 350,000 pollen grains, and cannabis pollen is airborne so somewhat bit can go a really great distance. As a matter of truth, a research revealed in 2000 discovered that cannabis pollen made up just below 36% of complete airborne pollen counts in Midwest states throughout harvest months. This is why it’s essential to take away the male crops from the develop space as quickly as you identify the intercourse.

The excellent news is, you don’t need to undergo this course of each time you need high-THC, seedless flower. Realistically, isolating your feminine crops would solely be needed for those who’re utilizing the male’s genetics to create new strains. To skip the pollination course of, a contemporary grower can both purchase already feminized seeds, or use a clone from an current feminine plant.

Hermaphroditic Plants

Cannabis is a little bit of a rarity as a result of solely about 6% of flowering crops are dioecious. However, on uncommon events, hermaphroditic weed crops containing each male and feminine elements are identified to happen. In basic, most crops are hermaphroditic, however this isn’t quite common for cannabis. Sometimes, hermaphroditic cannabis crops can self-pollinate, however they often produce seeds, decrease ranges of THC, and they’ll cross on hermaphroditic genes, in order that they’re not ultimate. Also, true hermaphrodites produce sacs that have to rupture.

There are two sorts of hermaphrodite crops: people who develop each sexual organs (buds and pollen sacs), and people who develop anthers. Anthers are oval-shaped, pollen-producing sacs discovered on the finish of the stamen. Some growers name them “bananas” due to their elongated look.

When cannabis crops flip hermaphroditic it’s generally known as “herming out”. This is often a results of extreme environmental stress equivalent to harm to the plant’s bodily construction, dangerous climate, illness, and/or nutrient deficiencies. Bad genetics and earlier hermaphroditic growth may also be a danger issue. Basically, for those who discover any pollen sacs or anthers, get that plant away out of your females ASAP.

Final Thoughts on Female Cannabis Plants, Sexual Frustration, and THC Production

To reiterate, if you need massive, potent buds which are coated in these flavorful, cannabinoid-filled trichomes, the hot button is sexually pissed off feminine crops. Cannabis crops mainly dwell to be pollinated and produce extra crops, so when pollination doesn’t happen, the feminine plant begins to overcompensate by creating larger flowers with thicker resin.

The proven fact that cannabis crops are dioecious and reply in such complicated methods to sexual stimulation (or lack of it), actually makes them much more relatable. We are so extremely linked to the universe round us which makes it that rather more essential to know the complexities of different dwelling creatures.

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