Is Your Disposable Vape Leaking? Here’s How To Fix It


There are few issues on the earth extra annoying than a leaking disposable vape. If you’ve ever regarded down at your pocket and seen the telltale stain of vape juice, you realize precisely what we’re speaking about. Maybe you’ve even had a disposable vape leak if you left it out on a desk in a single day. The subsequent morning, you went to seize your system and located it resting in a pool of its personal e-liquid. A disposable vape isn’t low-cost, and it normally doesn’t maintain an unlimited quantity of vape juice. Even a small leak can truly imply that you simply’ve misplaced the vast majority of the system’s e-liquid provide – and as soon as a disposable vape has misplaced its e-liquid, there’s no strategy to put it again.

In this information, we’re going that can assist you keep away from the mess and wasted cash that may occur when you might have a leaking disposable vape. A disposable vape can leak in two methods. The e-liquid can come out of the mouthpiece – if this occurs whilst you vape, the system could even spit scorching vape juice into your mouth – or it may possibly come out of the airflow gap, which is normally situated on the backside of the system. Reading this information, you’ll discover ways to troubleshoot each of those issues.

First, although, let’s deal with the core subject. Are you certain that you simply’re utilizing the most effective disposable vape in your wants?

Upgrade to a More Reliable Device

Over the previous few years, disposable vapes have turn out to be extraordinarily common throughout the worldwide vaping group. That’s induced many factories in China to enter the vaping business. They’re churning out low-cost disposable vapes by the hundreds every single day, and people gadgets are ending up on the cabinets of comfort shops and gasoline stations all over the world. Unfortunately, lots of the factories supplying these comfort shops have by no means made vaping merchandise earlier than.

That’s the issue with shopping for disposable vapes from a comfort retailer – you’re shopping for merchandise that come from cut-rate suppliers, and also you’re not more likely to have expertise. You’re more likely to find yourself with disposable vapes that leak or don’t final so long as the packages declare they’ll. The gadgets in all probability gained’t even style superb.

If you need to have expertise with a disposable vape, it’s essential purchase from an organization that’s been within the vaping business for the reason that starting. The Viggo system from Vaper Empire differs from most disposable vapes in that it shops its vape juice in pre-filled disposable pods. Instead of discarding all the system when it runs out of e-liquid, you’ll discard solely the pod. The battery itself is rechargeable and reusable. You’ll love the flavour and efficiency of the Viggo system’s leak-proof pods.

Don’t Puff So Hard

The commonest purpose why a disposable vape leaks are since you’re puffing too laborious if you use the system. A disposable vape is designed to imitate the tight mouth-to-lung draw of a tobacco cigarette. That’s one of many the reason why disposable vapes are so common with people who find themselves attempting to stop smoking – the tight airflow lets you expertise the identical assertive throat hit that you simply really feel if you inhale cigarette smoke.

The one shortcoming {that a} disposable vape has in comparison with a tobacco cigarette, although, is you could’t get a much bigger cloud out of a vaping system by puffing extra firmly on it the way in which you may if you’re smoking a cigarette. When you smoke a cigarette, you’ll get a much bigger and warmer cloud of smoke if you enhance the air strain of your puffs. Puffing firmly on a disposable vape gained’t produce the identical consequence, although, as a result of the vapor manufacturing of a vaping system is restricted by the system’s operational energy and the effectivity of its heating coil. 

If you puff too firmly on a disposable vape, you’ll get a nasty shock as a result of the air strain that you simply generate together with your puff will truly pull e-liquid out of the system’s wick. The vape juice will journey via the system’s mouthpiece, and scorching droplets of e-liquid would possibly start to spit into your mouth. Luckily, it’s straightforward to forestall this from taking place. If you need to get a much bigger and extra satisfying cloud with a disposable vape, simply take longer, slower puffs. Only use as a lot air strain as is critical to make the system’s indicator mild activate.

Watch Out for Elevation Changes

If you reside in a mountainous area, driving with a vaping system could be problematic as a result of the change in air strain that happens if you acquire elevation can truly push the e-liquid out of your disposable vape. Before you realize it, you’ll look down at your cupholder, and also you’ll discover that the vape juice is leaking out of your system’s air consumption gap.

Some disposable vapes retailer their e-liquid in cloth wicks, and others use enclosed pod-like environments. A disposable vape that shops e-liquid in an enclosed container is more likely to leak at excessive elevations. You would possibly need to depart a pod-based disposable vape at dwelling in case you’re planning to go for a drive via the mountains. Alternatively, convey a tool that’s partially empty. If there’s some open house within the system’s e-liquid pod, the increasing air might be much less more likely to push the vape juice out.

Don’t Remove the Sticker Until You’re Ready to Start Vaping

In latest years, it’s turn out to be more and more widespread for producers of disposable vapes to cowl their gadgets’ airflow holes with stickers. That helps to forestall the gadgets from activating by accident in transport, which preserves their batteries and their e-liquid provides. When you purchase a disposable vape, you’ll must take away the sticker earlier than utilizing the system.

The different purpose why stickers on disposable vapes have turn out to be so widespread, although, is as a result of many producers are actually overfilling their gadgets to make sure that they’ll final so long as doable. Virtually each disposable vape has an approximate puff rely marketed on its bundle, and folks use these puff counts to match merchandise from completely different firms. If you’re searching for a long-lasting disposable vape, you’re in all probability going to purchase the system with the most important marketed puff rely – and it’ll in all probability have a sticker on the underside.

If you purchase a disposable vape that has a sticker overlaying the airflow gap, the sticker is there to make sure that the vape juice stays as a replacement till the system is used. If you take away the sticker however don’t use the system, the e-liquid might start to seep out of the system’s wick and leak out via the airflow gap. Don’t take away the sticker till you’re prepared to start out vaping.